I know, it’s a little late for Valentine’s Day inspiration….

I had every intention of creating several examples of Valentine’s Day cards, but only ended up doing one..

So, here it is!


This is a 4bar-sized card, similar to the gift card holder cards seen here.  I really like this size for quick and simple cards.  This size seems to be perfect for making multiple Valentine’s Day cards for a class, or for a bunch of friends.

I used Sweet Stamp Shop stamps for the sentiment and the little images.  I think they are so super cute.  I stamped them individually on watercolor paper and colored them with watercolor paints.  Then I fussy cut each piece and placed them where I wanted them to be.

The bottom heart border is from a Lawn Fawn stamp set.  I love the alternating solid and outlined hearts.

I hope every one had a great Valentine’s Day weekend.  I hope you were able to get your crafty juices flowing and came up with some great Valentine’s Day crafts and cards for you and your loved ones!


Yes.. another ricebag.

I’m a little obsessed with these things and how easy they are to put together.


This ricebag is the one my mom requested.  She wanted one that was long enough to wrap around her neck and shoulder area.

I cut two pieces of fabric 36in long and 6in’ wide.  I used flannel since it’s such a warm and cozy fabric.

I put them together with the “right” sides in and left a space in the top to turn it right side out.  After using a dowel to make the corners and seams come out right, I top stitched 1/4in in on each of the edges.

In order to keep the rice from constantly accumulating on one end or side of the rice bag, I decided to top stitch down the middle of the tube.  The short end measured 5in, so I put a marking on my sewing machine at the 2 1/2in mark so that I could properly topstitch down the middle of the tube.

In the opening I left, my daughter helped me pour the rice into to the two tubes.  We filled it about 2/3 full with rice.

After filling it, I topstitched 1/4in on that opening to make it look like the rest of the topstitching.

Realizing that the opening still looked “open”, I had to quickly learn to ladder stitch (thank you, Youtube!) to reinforce the seam and make it look like the rest of the seams.

With a little more practice, ricebags will definitely be something I could create to sell during craft fairs and in my Etsy store.. look out for that when it comes out!

Washable Markers?!?

While I was putting together this scrapbook layout, I started to realize that I have used this color scheme AND the same layered style many times before.


It’s my “go-to” style and the colors are my “go-to” colors whenever lavender comes up in a photo…

I needed a way to change things up.  Usually, I would roughly outline each color cardstock with a black pen to distinguish each piece.  Like I said, been there, done that.  I needed something different.  I had already glued down everything, so I didn’t want to just disassemble it and start over.

My solution?  Change up the journaling!

image2(2)I decided to use the journaling as a frame around the layout.  It was a bit of a challenge to find the wording that would fit around the entire perimeter.  It’s basically the story about how my daughter ended up with marker on her face and how I thought that washable marker was supposed to wash away completely.

So while this layout has a similar style to some of the other layouts I’ve completed, the journalling keeps it a bit different from the rest!

Loves to higop

Since moving into our new (to us) home (did I mention we moved?!) I haven’t had much time to scrapbook.  I haven’t installed my Canon Selphy yet and so I’ve been relying on photos printed when I tried out Groovebook (not a fan).

I’m not the type of scrapper (yet) that can just bust out a layout no matter what the photo is.

I’m the type of scrapper that needs the photo to inspire me to build a layout around it.  That usually means I try to pull colors from the photo to create the color scheme for the layout.

I’m not the type of scrapper that has tons of paper in a multitude of colors, so that could sometimes make it pretty hard to create a layout for me.

I’m working on trying to just build a layout, and then plopping a photo down and just be happy with it.

Anyway, I created this layout recently:


I used the pink from her sweater as the basis of the color scheme.  I chose the yellow because I hadn’t really tried this color combination before and was curious if I could make it work.

Why balloons?

Because I had so many stamped images of those balloons lying around from making ‘thank you’ cards for mine and my daughter’s birthday party.  Those balloons were stamped out on pink and yellow cardstock, then I fussy cut them out.  I used a white gel pen to add the little “shine” in the corners of the balloons.  You can see I followed the “triangle rule” and put them in three different places along the photos.

The journaling card is just a scrap piece of that yellow cardstock that I tucked into the pink patterned paper.

The heart patterned paper is actually a Project Life card, I can’t remember from what set (sorry!).  I cut down the edges to remove the rounded corners since everything in this layout was straight edged.  I added that yellow banner shape into the pink heart paper to just give it some interest.  In hindsight, I would have angled it differently.  I didn’t realize it would match the angle of the journaling card, and I’m not 100% in love with the way it looks like that..

The pink letter stickers were a great little find in the Dollar Spot section of Target.  I don’t even know what brand it is.  Every once and awhile they have letter stickers there for a dollar and I try to grab at least two sheets of it when I see it.  It’s a great little buy for a great deal!

Lastly, I felt that everything blended a little too well into each other and that the strong black lines of the stamped images stood out too much in the layout.  So I took my Sharpie pen (love that thing!) and I outlined all the papers.  I love doing this when trying to avoid everything “blending together.”  It’s similar to when some scrappers ink the edges of their layers with Distress Ink.  You can see that I don’t make my lines perfectly straight.  I love making the lines a little rough and not straight.  It’s a personal preference.  I contemplated outlining a box around the title, but I felt that it would have been overkill and decided against it.  I’m still undecided about it…

“Loves to Higop” roughly translates to “Loves to Slurp” from Tagalog to English, which is what my daughter LOVES to do with her soups.  I had to capture this.  I think it’s darling.

Watercolor cards..

Over the summer, I discovered the art of watercoloring.

I know it’s been a trend in the scrapbooking world this year, and I was sucked in..

But I didn’t know how good I would be, so I decided buy products that didn’t break the bank.  I went to the kid’s art aisle in Target and purchased a watercolor palette and watercolor paper.  It wasn’t super expensive, but I’ve noticed that it’s doing just fine for me.

I’ve been playing around with making backgrounds with the watercolors and enjoyed that a lot.  Next, I wanted to work on coloring stamped images with the watercolors.

I use VersaFine Onyx Black ink and I’ve learned that I need to let that dry a bit before coloring with the watercolors or else the lines will blur.  I’ve also noticed that I don’t get super clear black lines if I watercolor over them.  Sometimes it’s ok, sometimes, it’s not and I just wait for the color to completely dry and then I draw over the lines with my Sharpie pen..

Here is one of the cards I’ve created with watercolor:



Everything except the grassy hill is watercolored.

I used the “Into The Woods” stamp set from Lawn Fawn for this card.

To do the wood grain, I actually watercolored the paper first, then, once that dried completely, I stamped the image.  I lucked out that some of the dark spots lined up with the woodgrain lines..

For the sun, I did the same thing.  I watercolored the paper first, then used my hole punch to punch out a circle.  To match the dark black outlining of all the objects, I lined the sun with my black marker.

Watercolor takes a lot of patience for me.  It’s also a balance between too little and too much water, but I’m learning.

This card didn’t have a sentiment on the outside.  I’m saving this card for whatever occasion will pop up.  I will either add the sentiment in the corner of the grassy hill or in the inside of the card.

I love these versatile cards that can be used for any occasion.


I inherited a sewing machine from my husband’s coworker.  When they moved, they decided they didn’t need it anymore and my husband snagged it knowing I’ve been wanting to try my hand at sewing for a long time now.

When I got it, I had NO IDEA what anything was.  A sewing machine, even thought I had wanted it for awhile, was a completely foreign machine to me.

Luckily, my aunt came to stay with me for a week to help with things and she taught me the very basics of using my sewing machine.

After I learned the basics, I decided to work on my first sewing project.


My aunt left me with some scrap fabric to play with, so I made this rice bag:


I didn’t think about seam allowance when I made this.  I literally sewed really close to the edge when putting it together.  I also didn’t understand why everyone left the opening in the middle of one of the edges as opposed to a corner.  Once I flipped it over, I had a very difficult time folding the seam to do a top stitch to close the bag.

Lesson learned.

Despite the errors, my mother and husband loved the bag.  They both placed an order for a bag of their own.  My husband wanted a slightly larger one to warm his hands in the cold mornings.  My mother wants one that can wrap around her neck to relieve her neck and shoulder pains.  Needless to say, by the weekend after making this rice bag, we were at the local Joann’s looking for a yard of fabric to make my mother’s rice bag.

After making the ricebag, I became ambitious and wanted to make rag quilt.  I’ll be sure to post about that in the future.  I had some scrap flannel fabric from that project and decided to make my husband’s rice bag from it.

By then, I was very aware of seam allowances and I was much more comfortable with the way my sewing machine worked.  I finished the bag within half an hour.


I made sure to leave the opening in the middle of the edge instead of at the corner.  Flipping it over, filling it up with rice, and then sewing the top stitch was much easier after learning the lessons from the first rice bag.

Next year, I plan on making several of these, giving them away as gifts, and possibly posting them on my Etsy shop.

I knew after I would learn how to use a sewing machine I’d love sewing.  I can’t wait to try more projects and try to incorporate them into the Etsy shop.  But for now, I love learning and experimenting.

2015 Goals

Here we are, 2015.

I usually take the time on this blog to write down a couple of the goals I have for the coming year for CutieQ Cards n Crafts.

The baby was born on December 28, 2014. First things first, adjust to life with a newborn and being a mother of two.

Once life gets back to normal, I plan on crafting again.

By mid year, I plan on working on inventory for my store.

Cards have not been 100% successful in my store, so I plan on trying to expand my product line.

That includes sewing projects, maybe felt plushies.  I do plan on trying my hand at felt tree ornaments and Christmas decorations for next year..

I want to do a craft fair… I say that every year but I never know when and how to join.. it’s definitely on my list of things to do every year.. hopefully 2015 is the year..

I want to see this blog gain more readers.  I will try my hardest to update every Monday with a new featured craft.

I want to try to make videos, but with two small kids under 5 years old, I know that will be near impossible… so I might have to push that goal into 2016..

I’m hoping that once I get the store open, I will be getting at least ONE order a month.  That’s not asking for much.  I think that’s a super attainable goal, right?  I just need to find the right product to sell.  I’m hoping that all the experimentation with other crafts will help me find that niche.

My goals this year are a little on the light side and I’m leaving myself with a lot of flexibility this year..

I know 2015 will be a great year for CutieQ Cards n Crafts.. no matter what I accomplish!

What are your craft goals for the new year?!