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For sale on Etsy

I have three cards on sale in my Etsy store, CutieQ Cards n Crafts.




Click on the link above to get to my Etsy page.   I would love to hit my goal of one Etsy purchase that isn’t a custom order.  Please consider these cards for purchase. 

If these cards aren’t something you would like, feel free to leave me comments about what you would like to see in the store. 

I’m really trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t for this Etsy shop because I really want this to do well. 

Any feedback (but please be nice!) would be appreciated.

My One Little Word update

We are about a week and a half into February and I haven’t started my pages for this months One Little Word. 

No, I’m not procrastinating.  I’m busy, but that’s not completely the reason why I haven’t done them yet either. 

I have watched the videos and I have read the handouts. 

I’m taking my time because I am trying to take this seriously.  I am mulling over the prompts and trying to figure the best ways to answer the based on my word, CHALLENGE.

I’m also struggling with January’s reflection.  In some ways,  failed to live my word because I dropped the ball on several things I have challenged myself with.  However, I know that there were ways that I have strived to challenge myself and live my word.

Is anyone else taking their time and struggling a bit with their one little word?

My January in review..

January 2014.  It’s always the start of the new year.  It’s always the time where I try to evaluate my life and try to set goals for the rest of the year.  This year was no different, except maybe for the fact that a lot of my goals were more “craft/hobby” related.

I set goals to blog 3x’s a week.  If you have been following me on this blog, you can see that I failed miserably in January. 

I wanted to make one non-custom Etsy sale.  That was a fail too.  Partially my fault for only posting 2 cards, which are still for sale and you can see here.

I had two big custom Etsy sales, and that was awesome!  I’m hoping that I get at least one a month. 

I set a goal to make at least 5 scrapbook layouts a month.  I barely finished, but I succeeded.  You can find those scrapbook layouts posted here.

We are 5 days into February.  This is a short month, so I have really have to push myself to achieve my goals this month. 

This month, I also want to make at least 5 cards.

I can do this.

I challenged myself this year to create 5 scrapbook layouts a month.  With only hours to spare on January 31st, I was frantically searching for a photo to scrapbook.  I was able to finish my 5th scrapbook layout with only 15 minutes left of the day.  Now, THAT’S dedication! 

Here are the 5 layouts I completed this month, in order..


“Playdate” was made with scraps.  I liked the blue and green combination but I wanted to experiment with more colors.  I popped in the orange because my husband’s tanktop has some orange in it.  The color scheme was totally out of my comfort zone, but I’m overall pleased with the final look.  Having orange in the two opposite corners of the layout gave it balance and purpose.  I added the banner piece because I felt that the orange dominated the page.  That banner piece was bold enough to bring it all back.  That banner piece was left over panel from my husband’s birthday banner from last year.


“Her Hiding Spot” felt a little forced.  I love this photo, but couldn’t pull any true inspiration from it.  This layout took a lot of fiddling and just sitting there to be completed.  I do love the colors of pink, yellow, and brown together.  I just wish I had better inspiration for it.  I’m still happy with the way it turned out.


“Family Snapshot” was one of those layouts that turned out completely different from what I initially had it looking like.   This layout also utilized so many scraps.  I would just take so scraps and place it on the paper where ever it fit.  This also seems the most disconnected, yet connected, array of elements of any of my layouts this month.  I love the tile look of the white squares and I have used that technique several times on cards and layouts.  I have so many of those squares, I’m so glad I kept them and am putting them to use!


“Drama Queen” is my favorite layout of the month.  I was so inspired when I made this that it came together in about a half an hour.  This layout was most about caputuring the memory of the photos that the other elements didn’t seem to matter.  I love how the pictures are laid out and the title is a mix of two different sets of letter stickers.  I don’t own many letter stickers, so I only use them when I feel I am totally happy with a layout. 


“Girls Day Out” was the last layout of the month.  I was frantically searching for a picture and realized that I had recently taken a pretty cute one a few weeks ago.  I finished this layout at 11:45 pm on January 31st.  That’s cutting it close.  I’m not super sure why I chose oranges and grays as my color scheme, but I’m really happy with the outcome.  I tried to make the sequins look like they were dropped on randomly and I think I achieved the look, finally!  I’ve tried so many times to do it before, but they always looked wrong.  This time, I love it.  This was a fun layout to do and made me feel so accomplished once I finished it!

Thank you for letting me share my 5 layouts.  I promise to try to blog a lot more again now that life is starting to settle down.

If you want to see some process photos of these layouts and future layouts, follow me on Facebook, CutieQ Cards n Crafts!

Which layout is your favorite?

Too busy to blog?!?!

I know I skipped Wednesday’s post.  I know I promised something epic for today’s post.

But it’s not.

No excuses and I apologize.

I’ve been working on several things in these past few weeks.

I’ve challenged myself for 2014 and I’m definitely feeling the crunch.

On top of my crafting personal challenges, I’ve been juggling some custom requests.  I love how busy I am in the craft room, but I am bummed that it’s taking away from my blogging time.  I have pictures of several new cards and scrapbook pages, I just have to load them on to my computer and onto my Flickr account.

I will catch up.. it’s part of my CHALLENGE for this year.

STay tuned!


Etsy plans

So far this year, I’ve got several projects on my plate.

Wedding thank you cards.

Three banners.

These four projects are custom orders that were placed on my Facebook or from my Etsy page.

So far, my Etsy page has only fulfilled custom orders.

This year, I want to start putting up some of the cards that I’ve been creating.  Last year I challenged myself to make 10 cards before January and I did. This year, I want to take some of those cards and post them on Etsy.  I want to challenge myself to make about 10 cards every two months.

The goal is one non-custom sale on Etsy a month.  Just one.  That’s not that much to ask for.  Just one.

I’m hoping this works out according to plan.

For reference sake, here is the link to my Etsy store:  CutieQ Cards n Crafts.

Last year, I decided to pick a word that would follow me through out the entire year.

Last year, I picked CHARGE.

This year, I picked CHALLENGE.


I picked this word for the layers it seems to have.

Challenges can be seen as obstacles.

This year is going to present itself with a lot of challenges, the possibility of a new baby, becoming a mother of two, figuring out what I want to do careerwise.  This year just looks like it’s going to be one challenge after another.

I chose this word to remind myself that challenges are coming.  I must prepare.

Challenges can also be seen as tests.

This year, I want to challenge myself to become a better person, better mother, better wife, better friend.  I want to give myself little challenges to push myself to stop being so complacent and just put myself out there.  I want to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone sometimes and do things to allow myself to grow.

I also want to challenge myself to be more creative.  Craft more.  Scrapbook more.  Make more card sales on Etsy.  Make more custom orders.  Make more blog entries.  I want to challenge myself to get better at designing.



It’s such a good word.

It’s a challenge.  It’s a push.

It’s my word of the year.



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